Roses Are Red

With one of the most talked about NBA regular seasons concluding this past week, it is time to address award matters. Mainly, the Most Valuable Player. In 2010-11, we saw superb [consistent] individual performances from the “usuals” such as: LeBronKobe, and Dwight. However, there was a new force to be reckoned with, and his name is Derrick Rose.

In what was only his third season in the NBA, the Chicago Bulls point guard took the league by storm night-after-night; leading his team to an overall record of 62-20, a league best. Never have I seen a player “up” or elevate his game (so heavily) over the course of a single off-season. Averaging just shy of 21 points and 7 assists, his phenomenal play consistently lead his team to victory. I don’t believe there is any question here, he gets my vote!

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