Superstar. Sex Symbol. Icon?

Perhaps no one has been more critical of Rihanna over the last 20+ months than myself. However, even I cannot deny the the unequivocal star power that the Barbadian bombshell possesses. She is a pop star sensation. The quintessential “it” girl who has consistently fixated herself upon the top of the music charts. She is undeniably one of the preeminent sex symbols of this generation – but has RiRi catapulted herself into the status of iconic? One would argue so, with her latest feat of gracing the current (April 2011) issue of American Vogue.

Laced on the cover in a Chanel dress, the superstar bares all (not literally!) in a 10-page spread. Though I was skeptical as I rang out this issue at a less-than-stellar self-scan register, it must be stated that, I was thoroughly impressed with Anna & Co. on this feature. Highly recommend that you grab a copy!

Rihanna is also featured on the current cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

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"The words you speak become the house you live in."
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1 Response to Superstar. Sex Symbol. Icon?

  1. Aya says:

    I love Rihanna, but I think it sucks that she is speaking about the sitaituon and speaking up for those who have encountered domestic violence now. She is only doing these interviews because her album is coming out this month. All this time she has been running around New York and Paris for fashion week and she didn’t say a word then shame on her management team, publicist, and anyone who is supposedly helping shape her career.

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