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Sound Session: Tha Carter IV

After the all the buildup it finally came — and went. August 29th. The much anticipated, and apologized for album release of 2011. Following several postponed released dates, Lil Wayne, the self-proclaimed “Best Rapper Alive“, has finally dropped his latest project. Tha Carter IV. I … Continue reading

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Case of the Mondays 8.29.11

I don’t even know where to begin, in all honesty. I can barely recall everything from last night, let alone the entire weekend. Society has been busy. From the mountaintop of Hollywood, to the cornfields of Nebraska, it’s been an … Continue reading

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Sound Session: The R.E.D. Album

The past two weeks have been very productive for the hip-hop/rap world, as there have been several album drops by industry heavyweights. One of the latest, however, being one of my favorite artists, Game. Carrying West Coast rap on his back, the … Continue reading

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Saturday Scribble (8.27.11): Human Nature

We all do it. Basic human instinct. But does that make it right? Is it just? I stumbled upon this image, and it struck a chord with me. Personally, I should walk around with it tattooed on my forehead. I aim to polish … Continue reading

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I’m Definitely Weird…

Upon vast reflection, I don’t recall a photograph to be as immensely relative and accurate, depicting a value I hold so true. If I believe in nothing else in life, I believe in individuality. The idea that each and every … Continue reading

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Newton’s Law: Clean Cut Cam

Much is being made of the comments Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson made in an April interview regarding rookie quarterback, Cam Newton. In the interview, which aired on PBS, Richardson revealed that he had asked Newton if he had any piercings … Continue reading

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VOGUE Recap: September 2011

As this years’ September issue continues to circulate and make its way into the grasps of fashion admirers around the globe, I completed my initial look through just moments ago. I was barely 17 pages in when I realized the … Continue reading

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Case of the Mondays 8.22.11

What began as a normal Monday afternoon in Arizona quickly transitioned to anything but. 111 degrees at noon in August? Well, I guess that would be somewhat normal, but it ceased there. In my 21 years of life I’ve had Starbucks just twice. With every … Continue reading

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