Case of the Mondays 8.22.11

What began as a normal Monday afternoon in Arizona quickly transitioned to anything but. 111 degrees at noon in August? Well, I guess that would be somewhat normal, but it ceased there. In my 21 years of life I’ve had Starbucks just twice. With every sip painfully bitter than the last. Although in a supernatural twist this afternoon my taste buds discovered what the hype has been about. Better late than never?

It was love at first sip. In a Manhattan second I fell in unbreakable love with what may be the simplest drink to a Starbucks connoisseur. Vanilla latte. Tall. Heaven? Close to it.

This new union proved to be addiction at its finest, however, as this small cup of joy had me bouncing off the wall minutes later. And I assert that in the most literal meaning there is. Man I had I been missing out!

Song Of The Day: The Weeknd – “The Zone featuring Drake”

About Sirelle Carter

"The words you speak become the house you live in."
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