VOGUE Recap: September 2011

As this years’ September issue continues to circulate and make its way into the grasps of fashion admirers around the globe, I completed my initial look through just moments ago. I was barely 17 pages in when I realized the issue was going to be something special — and it was.

According to my Twitter account, it took me roughly 66 minutes to go through the entire issue. 758 glossy pages of chic beauty, worth every second! Accompanying the plethora of advertisements and spreads were some very captivating reads. Editorials ranged from the chilling accounts of a September 11th survivor-turned-author, to the allure of new Paris Vogue head, Emmanuelle Alt. This issue was loaded with mesmerizing glamour from the very first page. A must have

Model (and newlywed) Kate Moss is featured on the cover.

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