I’m Definitely Weird…

Upon vast reflection, I don’t recall a photograph to be as immensely relative and accurate, depicting a value I hold so true. If I believe in nothing else in life, I believe in individuality. The idea that each and every person is his or her own. However, it is the unfortunate reality that this trait is being combatted daily by the lethal existence ofconformity. Doing what everyone else is doing. What happened to the days of being your own person, having your own mind? Long gone? I must have missed the memo.

Stubbornly I march against the grain daily, to hold myself to be true — to myself. Am I oblivious to the notion, the fact, that I share common interests in common things with common folk? Not in the slightest. Though where I steer straight, is that I do not lose myself within that reality. I embrace my individuality and all the traits and attributes that make me, me! So according to what the mainstream belief is, “I’m definitely weird and ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

About Sirelle Carter

"The words you speak become the house you live in."
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