Penn State: The Blame, The Shame, & The Audacity of a Society

Never have I ever imagined a day where I’d see Joe Paterno fired as head football coach of Penn State University — in relation to a sexual child abuse scandal.

This entire mess has been a complete circus and heartbreaking to witness. It’s difficult to articulate on what I have observed via the media (and social networks) over the last 48-72 hours. As a society we learned horrific details of sexual child abuse, centered around former Penn State defensive coach Jerry Sandusky. He was arrested five days ago and charged with over 20 various counts of sex crimes. However somewhere between then and now it seems to have been forgotten who the real criminal is.

Since publishing my piece yesterday, I have faced a bit of backlash for exhibiting stern support in favor of Joe Paterno. My support, however, is just. Unfortunately, many of you have lost sight of what this is all about. In 9 out of 10 debates I’ve had on the matter with opposers to JoePa, not once did any of them ever murmur the name “Jerry Sandusky”. It’s as if Joe Paterno is the individual who performed these heinous acts. JoePa has been ‘relieved’ of his coaching duties since my last editorial. After 66 years of service to Penn State, it was a phone call that ended his run as head football coach. A phone call.

Over the last few days I have repeatedly preached my frustration with the portrayal of JoePa by the media. A great deal of my frustration has stemmed from their role in this. I have pondered back-and-forth as to how a grand jury investigation could clear JoePa and find him of no wrongdoing, yet a society did. Which brings up the case of whether or not JoePa ‘did enough’ from a moral standpoint, and inevitably that was his demise. A great man was unjustly deemed “immoral” by a society of immoral and vastly imperfect people.

Who in the hell are we, as citizens of the United States of America, to deem anyone immoral? We are the same society that boasts a 50% divorce rate and prides itself on adultery. A society that has transformed the “Jersey Shore” into a multi-million dollar brand, of which we have allowed our youth to aspire to such lifestyle. We are the same society that idolized a glorified child molesting pop icon, who by this society’s judgement could very well be deemed a drug addict. This, America, is the same society that makes unpatriotic, treasonist remarks about our President everyday. So I reiterate, who in hell are we to deem Joe Paterno, of all human beings, immoral?

My overall purpose has been to shed light on the hypocrisy and inconsistent scrutinization exhibited by the media and so many others. Society needs to realize that the media doesn’t give a damn about the victims. They don’t! It’s a sad truth, but it’s truth. If they did, the stories running would be about the kids. The victims whose lives are permanently ruined solely because of the actions of Jerry Sandusky. The problem is that those victims, and the name of Jerry Sandusky don’t sell newspapers. They don’t bring the stations ratings, but the iconic Joe Paterno does.

It sickens me to see how easily manipulated the American society can be by the media. Over the last 24 hours alone I have heard the most ignorant and uneducated statements coming from people who have relied on news stations and various newspapers as their sole source of information. Though tremendously heartbreaking and sickening in its nature, I can only encourage those who haven’t to read the indictment against Jerry Sandusky in its entirety. It is then that maybe you may have somewhat of a clearer insight as to why there are those, like myself, in strong defense of Joe Paterno.

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3 Responses to Penn State: The Blame, The Shame, & The Audacity of a Society

  1. A fantastic (if you can refer to it as such in this case) article everyone should r e a d —>

  2. SandySays1 says:

    I agree with you but believe media such as ESPN are indirectly to blame. Those “journalists” spend all their time promoting “Super Colliegate Leagues” telling everyone it’s all about the money, etc. etc. to the point that major Universities see the monetary rewards out wieghing cover-ups. Ohio State is less acute but example of something similarly happening. All they want is ratings. One rectal aperature on ESPN, Jay Bilas, spent several minutes in a rant about Paterno. I hope the next time he acts as a shill for the BCS tells us its “the way it is” in college sports a shaft comes looking for him.

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