VOGUE Recap: February 2012

Aside from the biblical-like September issue, it is the March issues of American Vogue that many fashion adorners look forward to annually. However, over the last two years (2010, 2011) it has been the February issues that have generated buzz. 2012 has been no different.

The cover strikes you almost immediately. Taylor Swift? Though the country-pop superstar has covered Teen Vogue on a couple occasions, one hadn’t quite thought she would graduate to the alpha just yet. But upon reading Anna Wintour’s Letter From The Editor: Leap Of Faith, the conundrum ceases. Wintour details Vogue‘s objective of dedicating their February issue to America’s ‘bright and new talents’. (Jessica Biel in 2010 & Kristen Stewart in 2011).

The ads are magnificent as well. From the gritty, yet chic Marc Jacobs ad featuring Xiao Wen, to the classical Dolce & Gabbana ad, portraying the traditional Italian family, they definitely capture the attention of the consumer. And after a quick highlight in last month’s issue, Abbey Lee Kershaw is back! Being tabbed as February’s It Girl.

In a Marc Jacobs ad, Xiao photographed by Juergen Teller.

Actor Aaron Eckhart makes his way into the issue aside model Lara Stone, as he portrays her cowboy beau in the spread, Love In The Afternoon.

The February issue is wrapped up by the spread, Starlight Express, in which classic silhouettes meet futuristic sparkles. Alexa Chung is also featured in the issue.

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