Film: Act of Valor

A few nights ago I caught a late-night showing of the recently released film, Act of Valor. Based on real acts of valor [says the opening credits] the film gave a deeper, Hollywood twisted glance into our nation’s armed forces. Their lives, tactics, strength, intellect, and emotions were all captured in the film.

Act of Valor is an action film perhaps unlike any other, as it frequently triggers your emotions. Seeing our soldiers sacrifice and leave their families—all in the name of protecting our country and those of us in it—and forming lifelong, sacred brotherhoods while at it, makes you feel some sort of way.

It makes you grateful. As Americans, we don’t do nearly enough to show our gratitude to those who risk everything to secure our safety. Therefore, if you’re looking for something to do this weekend [and even if you’re not], go see this film. It is the least we could all do, as it was filmed using real United States Navy SEALs.

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