GQ Recap: April 2012

In launching their spring campaign, the staff at Gentlemen’s Quarterly rolled out a special issue, in what was donned their ‘First Ever Style Bible‘.

The issue features three separate covers: hip-hop superstar Drake, Mad Men‘s star John Slattery, and actor Dave Franco (yes, James’ little brotherhe’s trying to shake that description though.)

Reader favorites such as The Punch List creates its’ usual buzz and introduces two bombshells. Allison Williams of HBO’s Girls and societal it girl Azealia Banks; both of whom many may recognize from their individual YouTube…achievements.

The claim to fame for this issue is The GQ 100; a list that serves as a cultural guide to all things a man may wants and/or need — as told (see: dictated) by GQ.

The issue has been in circulation for nearly a month.

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