VOGUE Recap: April 2012

With the April issue annually highlighting as the Shape Issue, who better than Jennifer Lopez to adorn Vogue‘s cover! (That wasn’t a question.)

Juggling a career in the spotlight, being a mother, and tackling a divorce head-on, J. Lo reveals in the issue why through it all she still remains Jenny From The Block.

Though the issue traditionally celebrates shapes, as aforementioned above, this specific issue also celebrates robust, independent women on a tenacious trail to make it happen — whatever it may be.

Whether it’s LaLa Anthony, featured in the She’s Got Game spread, or Victoria Beckham in The Victoria Line, these are two women balancing chaotic schedules consisting of babies, business beseechings, and baller husbands.

The issue, which hit stands nearly a month ago, proves to be modest and grounded, all while contrarily maintaining a pretentious tone as only American Vogue can.

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