GQ Recap: May 2012

In his Shelve the ’12! Letter from the Editor, Jim Nelson continues his focus on the upcoming presidential election, later this fall. As are many of us, Nelson declares that he is tired of the “most important election of our lifetime” tagline dropped every four years, and further explains why this 2012 election season is actually our least ‘consequential’ since 1892 (use that whole.. you know, Wikipedia-Google thing to go further into that one).

Transitioning, the May issue features Chicago Bulls all-star point guard, Derrick Rose, on the cover. However, a few individuals may consider this somewhat of a junior Madden curse (..use Google again) seeing as Rose as since tore his ACL and will miss the remainder of the playoffs; as well as this summer’s Olympic Games in London.

Though in less ball-bouncing news, this month GQ Endorses Jack Willis, a British apparel retail chain that has washed up on eleven American collegiate campuses along the Eastern coast; Georgetown and Boston to name a couple. And in keeping with that theme, the GQ staff presents The Only Eight Tees You Need and I suggest every male peruse that page.

In one of its’ closing editorials the issue highlights George Wright, one of America’s most historical fugitives; only fitting as I now try to vamoose out of this recap of my own. In doing so, various editorials ranging from Brooklyn Decker to a marriage survival guide round out this issue that is already on newsstands nationwide.

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