Book: Tim Tebow (Through My Eyes)

Enlightening. Encouraging. Educational.

Through My Eyes is a first-hand “as told to by” account chronicling the ripe young life (thus far) of football star, Tim Tebow. Over the years, gridiron fans have come to know Tebow as a warrior. (No he’s not wrestling dinosaursbut I meanhe probably could.)

As a former Heisman Trophy winner, and arguably considered one of the greatest all-time collegiate athletes, Tebow’s story details his trials and tribulations; the most intriguing being his existence at all. Before he was born, doctors in the Philippines advised his mother to terminate her pregnancy, fearing that she was risking her life carrying him to term. (Obviously I don’t need to state that she didn’t listen, right?)

Tebow, a man rooted strongly in deep faith, utilizes an uncanny method in tying his spiritual convictions into his earthly conflicts. Whether during his years at Nease High School, or his time at The University of Florida, it is his faith that Tebow relies on to get him through.

Transcending far beyond football hashmarks, Through My Eyes serves as an instruction manual to life. Chapter after chapter I found myself looking at different aspects of my life, anxious to apply Tebow’s approaches.

Whether you are a fan of Tim Tebow or not, I urge you [if you haven’t] to give this book a read, and see life through his eyes.

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