Signed Sirelle: JUNE 2012

There was a time when watching the evening news was considered enjoyable. Was.

For many it was a family affair. Perhaps after dinner, taking advantage of the rare quality time allotted during the week; however, such is no longer the case.

Gone are the days of the feel good testimonies. Saving strangers from burning buildings seems to be an endangered practice slowly being replaced with the indulgent act of eating your fellow inhabitants face off — okay, too soon.

Although, as incomprehensible as that story is, I was actually strangely more perturbed by another. I learned of a case in Detroit, Michigan earlier this week, in which two men got into an argument — resulting in severe gun-inflicted injuries — over (and you will not believe this) Kool-Aid!

Sugar must be one hell of a drug. Who knew?

Certainly the aforementioned incidents are disheartening, though forgive me if I am slightly apprehensive in believing that all existing human decency and morality has ceased. I firmly subscribe to the notion that a large majority of upstanding individuals remain in our society. However, perhaps what has to be done is — collectively — we as a society have to strive to make those individuals relevant again.

In doing my part, I have decided to bring back the Be The Change project, in which I launched last year on my Tumblr. I highlighted several extraordinary young individuals, who each possessed a unique skill, talent, or trait that set them apart from the average.

In continuing this initiative, over this summer I will introduce several more everyday individuals who are striving to go the extra mile and make an impacting contribution to our society.

It’s time to bring back good news. -SC.

About Sirelle Carter

"The words you speak become the house you live in."
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