Viewer Alert: 2012 NBA Finals

This is history. (No wait, don’t stop reading!) I know it sounds cliché, overdone, and stale but it’s that simple. As a basketball fan — whether your team advanced or not — you have to crave a championship clash of this enormity.

To most, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat were the two best teams in the NBA this season. And as I relayed to my Twitter followers shortly ago, there’s no in-between with this matchup. Your gut has to latch onto one side. It’s Coke, or Pepsi. Dunkin’ or Starbucks. You have to choose a side.

I say, Thunder win in 7. (For the non-fan, this means they will win 4 times, of the 7 allotted games.)

The series tips off tonight on ABC, at 9PM ET; with the Thunder hosting the Heat in Oklahoma City for Games 1 and 2.


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