GQ Recap: July 2012

Eyes down here!

From the second the July cover landed in my Gmail inbox, I knew this issue was going to be some kind of spectacular. Even with the videos and swimsuits, I hadn’t previously been swooned by Miss Kate Upton; but she absolutely mesmerizes as this month’s cover girl.

Though believe it or not, this issue isn’t entirely perked on boobs. And even in light of celebrating our country’s independence, it’s also not technically All-American; Australian heartthrob, Chris Hemsworth (yes, Miley’s brother-in-law to be), models the most vital American wardrobe necessity — t-shirts — simultaneously making this issue something ladies can drool over too!

To celebrate America’s birthday, the issue presents 50 Things America Does Better Than Anyone Anywhere Else; and the GQ staff covers everything. From “The Greatest Team In The History of Sports” (the 1992 Olympic Dream Team led by Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird) to the Six Degrees of Kim Kardashian’s Ass which you must read.

In what is a near flawless issue, the GQ Endorses Manual also highlight’s rapper A$AP Rocky‘s rebel style.

The issue is currently available in stores.

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