GQ Recap: August 2012

The Dark Knight Rises co-star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is tabbed as the August cover boy. In it’s monthly Manual: GQ Endorses ‘The Denim Shirt’, and tabs Pharrell Williams and Mark McNairy‘s menswear collab [Bee Line for Billionaire Boys Club] as “fashion’s first supergroup.”

The 14 Most Annoying People in Your Twitter Feed is a hilarious feature that covers everyone individual from the “guy who forgets other people have access to the internet” to, well.. “your mom.”

And apparently both myself and the staff at GQ have been on the same wavelength, because I’d recently stated that I too believed this Must Be The Season of The Brits. The issue highlights the Fall 2012 fashion preview in a spread featuring various British personalities.

The issue is currently on newsstands.

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