Film: The Expendables 2

When it comes to film, I doubt there is a bigger action fiend than myself. So this past weekend, my Christmas came early with the box office release of The Expendables 2. Personally, I loved the first installment. But then again, to win my film affection, all you need is obnoxious artillery and loud vrooms and you’ve got my support.

With the sequel however, it was different. Simon West, Richard Wenk, and Sly Stallone construct a firm plot, and (for an action flick) do a sound job telling the story. It flows, there’s humor, and did I mention heavy artillery?

The film returns your favorite badasses Jason Statham, Jet Li, and the rest of the original expendables; joined by newcomers Liam Hemsworth and the invincible Chuck Norris. Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger also return in the sequel, with more prominent roles, while Jean-Claude Van Damme portrays a captivating adversary.

The Expendables 2 is 102 minutes of a must see.

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