Signed Sirelle: SEPTEMBER 2012

Football. Fashion. Festivities. That’s what the fall means to me. There’s something about the autumn — September, October, November — span of the year that is just exhilarating. While many countdown to the lax summer solstice, it’s the autumn moments worth seizing.

It has been many, many, and did I say.. many months since football ceased for the 2011 season. Since early 2012, men and women football adorners, nationwide, were subjected to an involuntary pigskin famine. What was only seven to eight months, felt like years. But we survived. And much like college football, which opened this past weekend with a sonic boom, the NFL looks to follow suit. The regular season kicks off tonight when the defending Super Bowl XLVI champions, the New York Giants, host their taxing rival — the Dallas CowboysAre you ready for some football?

Fall also serves as a sensational time of the year for fashion. Due to growingly unbearable temperatures in the summer, it’s often tough — perhaps impossible — to make wardrobe statements. And such is why the fall season is ideal for fashion. This notion will prove to be all the more definite when New York City kicks off Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week tomorrow; followed by London, Milan, and Paris.

Further contributing to the essence of the season, is the festiveness of fall. Cider mills, Halloween (and haunted houses), Thanksgiving, and parades. These events are suitable to meet the needs for all members of the family, while also meeting the requisites of romance. So as we usher out the summer, let us simultaneously escort in the fall and embrace this season for the gem that it is.

And oh yea…it’s election season. -SC.

About Sirelle Carter

"The words you speak become the house you live in."
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