Vogue Recap: The September Issue, 2012

Although The Bible landed on my desk nearly month ago, it has taken nearly every day since then to dissect it.

Nine hundred and sixteen pages. 9-1-6!

In her Letter from the Editor, Ways of Seeing, Anna Wintour dedicates the resplendent issue to “the women who conjure up compelling images month after month.” [Her] fashion editors. And for the purpose of grasping an understanding in their importance to every issue, Wintour suggests that the reader “take a look” at Vogue: The Editor’s Eye, debuting in October.

Pop culture icon, Lady Gaga, is tabbed as the cover girl. Initially —  upon learning that Gaga was selected — I was stumped. But then I gave the selection some thought, and tittered at the genius of Anna. It made so much sense.

See, when you need to sell the September cinderblock..I mean issue (..that feels like a cinderblock), who better to appoint front-and-center than Lady Gaga? Because one thing is certain, Gaga’s face could be on napkins (which, it is) and little monsters across the globe will empty the shelves.

Mad Men star Jessica Paré is the choice It Girl for the month; and NBA superstar Dwyane Wade‘s new memoir, A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger than Basketball, is among three titles featured in the Books editorial.

In Life With André, Mr. Talley cites how Vogue has galvanized fashion icons such as: Oscar de la Renta, Karl Lagerfeld, and Zac Posen over the years.

The issue is loaded with high-quality editorials. Aside from Lady Gaga, most noteworthy is Waiting In The Wings; an exclusive interview chronicling Chelsea Clinton, formulated by Jonathan Van Meter.

Blake Lively mesmerizes in a jarring pink Gucci dress, as she’s featured in the Beauty editorial. Editor Sarah Brown details of Lively being appointed as face of the new Gucci fragrance, Première.

Above all, the issue celebrates 120 years of American Vogue. And in rounding out the issue is The Vogue 120, which features a vast array notables du juor!

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