GQ Recap: May 2013

With May marking the reemergence of SCO, GQ’s selection of Robert Downey, Jr. as their cover boy, is riddled with irony. When it comes to reinventing, no one better symbolizes the modern day standard than Downey. Following a string of flopped films, the 48-year old actor has ascended from Hollywood zero to blockbuster hero.

Robert Downey Jr. GQ May 2013s

Since 2008, Downey has immersed himself in the role of ostentatious billionaire-superhero Tony Stark — better known as Iron Man. With two Iron Man films already under his belt, and Iron Man 3 releasing this weekend,  Downey has arguably become bigger than the franchise itself. In RD3, contributor Chris Heath chronicles his Malibu visit with the man GQ calls The Most Energetic Superhero Alive.

Aside from the cover story, the issue celebrates The Ten Best Whiskey Bars In America; with New York City’s Ward III seemingly topping the list. Baseball standouts such as world-champion San Francisco Giants, Buster Posey and Barry Zito, don trendy baseball themed jackets, in Outta The Park.

San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey

Hip-hop talent A$AP Rocky rounds out the issue, modeling this season’s ideal sailor inspired attire.

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