Book: Thirteen Reasons Why

Authored by Jay Asher, Thirteen Reasons Why is the riveting tale of Hannah Baker; a high-schooler who commits suicide. In this present society, one only hopes that such an event doesn’t descend on desensitized ears. However, in unparalleled fashion, this novel twists away from the stereotypical suicide-awareness parable.

Thirteen Reasons Why Book Cover

If there were ever a story that epitomized a title, it’s Thirteen Reasons Why. What makes Baker’s occurrence peculiar from others is what she leaves behind. Cassette tapes, in which she chronicles the various events that played integral roles in her decision. Although where the title connects is when she tabs thirteen individuals, unbeknownst to them, as being responsible for her suicide. The tapes are circulated around to each individual, following her death. That’s right — after her suicide — tapes are circulated from the deceased.

Of the guilt-ridden baker’s dozen — pun intended — most important is Clay Jensen. Although the deceased is speaking via the cassettes, it is from Jensen’s perspective in which many of the events are recounted. In just shy of three-hundred pages, the reader trails around with him as he listens to the tapes. The reader shares his turmoil as he tries to grasp the perplexing revelation that he is somewhat to blame for Baker’s suicide.

Thirteen Reasons Why is a sensational read, in which Entertainment Weekly deemed, “suspenseful and addictive.” Jay Asher flawlessly keeps the reader eagerly impatient. This is a must read!

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