Vogue Recap: July 2013

“Because I didn’t like the Porsche.”

That was the response cover girl Katy Perry gave when asked why did she buy a Maserati. “And it’s rented,” she added. The July issue serves to be a modest one; however the rose-embroidered Rodarte dress the singer dons on the cover, is not.

Katy Perry July 2013 US Vogue cover

In Beauty and The Beat, the nine-time Grammy nominee spends time with journalist Vicki Woods. Unreserved, Perry answers questions posed by Woods, and society. The singer is forthcoming, though not vulnerable; expansively addressing her upbringing, and relationships with both Russell Brand and John Mayer.

The singer confirmed she is working on her third [pop] album.


Miley Cyrus is tabbed as this month’s It Girl. The entertainer has generated considerable buzz, of late; some it better than the rest. Her recently released radio hit, “We Can’t Stop,” is currently number two among iTunes’ top selling singles.

Fall collections of fashion’s heavyweights are previewed in Identity Politics. From Lanvin to Miu Miu, some of next season’s most breathtaking looks are modeled by the likes of Joan Smalls and Vanessa Axente, to name a few.

Vanessa Axente July 2013 US Vogue

Alexander Wang — Balenciaga’s new Creative Director — concludes the issue, as the feature of Mark Holgate’s Paris Match editorial. Now at the helm of the Paris fashion house, the 29-year old faces monumental expectations.

The issue is currently available in stores.

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