GQ Recap: September 2013

RG3 Colin Kaepernick September 2013 GQ

“It’s a whole new game!” according to GQ. The mantra refers to their September cover boys — quarterbacks Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick — and how the two have revolutionized the National Football League.

In what the publication deems their “Biggest Ever NFL Kickoff” issue, both young stars are intricately dissected. For RG3, the expansive kickoff editorial recaps his rookie season, and chronicles the early days of the rehabilitation process of his torn ACL. Entitled The Second Coming of RG3, the piece also details of the now infamous 9813 — the digits RG3 reset as his iPhone passcode — in representation of being back to full health by his Washington Redskins season opener. Monday, September 8th; which — as recently reported — we now know he was medically cleared to participate in.

As for co-coverboy Colin Kaepernick’s feature, it’s more of an icebreaker. In an editorial authored by GQ correspondent Andrew Corsello, Kaepernick is portrayed as somewhat of a modest perfectionist. And he’s apparently always been that way, as a former high school teacher of his stated that even after acing an exam, Kaepernick “was only interested in what he’d done wrong.” An approach he surely applies to his duties as the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, as well.

Russell Wilson in a Todd Snyder turtleneck. September 2013 GQ, Seattle's Best

Integrating the issue’s football theme, and previewing fall fashion, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson models sweaters in Seattle’s Best. From Polo Ralph Lauren, to Chop Wood Carry Water, the second-year quarterback dons some of the fall-winter season’s best knits around the Emerald City.


Rounding out the issue is a brilliantly authored editorial on Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban. Quite literally characterized, by many, as the devil, Warren St. John humanizes the mad football scientist, in Sympathy For The Devil.

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