GQ Recap: October 2013

“And the next day I was in New York for the first time.”

Idris Elba, GQ October 2013.

Those were the words Idris Elba relayed to GQ staff writer Zach Baron, in detailing of his departure from his birthplace of England. Elba details of the path he has traveled to arrive at the prime of his career. Arguably most recognized for his role as The Wire’s Stringer Bell, the English native is now in his third season as star of the BBC hit series Luther.

Career wise, it would be difficult to find a better year than 2013 for Elba. The 41-year old delivered a commanding performance in the Guillermo del Toro film Pacific Rim, as Stacker Pentecost. A role del Toro told GQ he believed could only be played by ‘about four actors on the planet’.

Elba will also star in Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom — as the humanitarian — and co-star in Thor: The Dark World, which are both slated for release next month.


In an editorial that could not have come at a better time — with the American government being in shambles — the issue lowlights Senator Ted Cruz, in The Distinguished Wacko Bird from Texas. However, in an editorial that nearly everyone can relate to comes the hilariously-authored I’m @YourMommy. I’m Following You on Twitter! — a guide to get you through the misery of one (if not both) of your parents following you on social media.

The issue also drafts The 20 Worst Sports Franchises of All-Time, and needless to say that “every Cleveland sports franchise” made the list.

Big Sean, October 2013 GQ.Hip-hop artist Big Sean displays a ruggedly suave flare in How To Master This Fall’s 15 Freshest Style Moves, donning some the season’s must have apparel and accessories.

And in getting ‘the look’ for less, pro skater Nyjah Huston recreates some of the season’s favorite runway styles, for a lesser price.

October serves as The How-To Issue, and is currently available on newsstands.

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