Vogue Recap: February 2014

This issue has seen quite a bit of grumbling over its cover choice — Lena Dunham. Be that as it may, SCO finds the 27-year old to be a prime selection. Webster’s Dictionary defines the term vogue as being “fashionable or popular in a particular time and place.”

Lena Dunham, US Vogue February 2014

As writer-director — and lead actress —  of the HBO series Girls, Dunham seems to be an ideal representation of Vogue at this ‘particular time’.

In the show’s third season, Girls is currently one of — if not the — most trendy television series airing; a direct reflection of it’s architect, Dunham — who Anna Wintour hails as “the voice of her generation.”


Downtown Abbey actress Laura Carmichael is the February It Girl. Carmichael — who has developed close friendships with the likes of Christopher Kane and Erdem Moralioglu — is quickly emerging as one of television’s most fashionable personalities. Both on and off screen.

Styled by Grace Coddington, in the editorial Kicks Start, Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci dishes on his collaboration with Nike — and his estimated 125 pairs of Air Force 1’s. Comprised of four pieces, the collection will be released into two separate installments.

The issue also pays homage to the sporting world’s biggest upcoming affairs, in Super Bowl XLVIII and the 2014 Winter Olympics. Leading up to football’s grandest game, Kate Upton tackles New York City — and it’s collections — in We’ve Got Game; whilst Hamish Bowles visits with olympian snowboarder Shaun White, and the pair hit the Keystone slopes of western Colorado.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics begin February 7.

Kate Upton, US Vogue Super Bowl

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