Vogue Recap: May 2014

Emma Stone US Vogue May 2014Hollywood sweetheart Emma Stone covers the magazine for the second time, in as many years. Her latest film — The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in which she plays the love interest of Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy — was recently released in theaters worldwide.

The Scottsdale, Arizona native is explicated by Jason Gay in feature editorial The Darling.  One of the magazine’s more brilliant spreads in quite some time, a butterfly embroidered Valentino dress and Chanel tweed jacket coupled with Rag & Bone skinny jeans are among the looks Stone models. Visually, the spread represents Stone’s cautious demeanor, while simultaneously illustrating her contemporary grace. And with perhaps the most spot-on description of the 25 year-old, Vogue says, “Stone’s appeal lies in her ability to take her work seriously — and herself not at all.”

English actress Imogen Poots is selected as May It Girl. At the age of 24, the young starlet has nineteen films under her acting belt, according to Vogue; though in the states, she may be most recognized for co-starring in recent films such as That Awkward Moment and Need for Speed. As it relates to fashion, Poots reveals to the magazine her belief in wearing what makes one happy, essentially above all else. The actress admits to Vogue, “I think it’s a real shame to conform to anything.”

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