GQ Recap: May 2014

Louis C.K. May 2014 GQComedian Louis C.K. covers the May issue, headlining the magazine’s list of The Funniest People Alive. The list — which GQ admits was essentially comprised using the “what have you done for me lately” approach — perplexingly omits Danny McBride; also known as Kenny Powers of HBO’s Eastbound & Down.

Getting back on track, C.K… wait, Amy Poehler isn’t on this list either? Jesus, GQ.

At any rate, one may not find C.K. to embody the surface features of a traditional cover boy, although that’s what makes him perfect for this issue — that element of peculiar distinction.

To start with, the magazine ordains C.K. as “the greatest comic talent of his generation,” in what may initially catch some — those unfamiliar with the comic — off guard. Despit that, as the reader delves into the feature editorial authored by Andrew Corsello, they get acquainted with, make sense of, and perhaps come away a fan of Louis C.K.

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