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Opinion: Why America Fake-Cares About Domestic Violence & Embraces Authentic Hypocrisy

A man should never hit a woman.  I find it critical to immediately ensure that such a divine rule is made clear — before this editorial carries on — as it has been illustrated over the last several days that comprehension is … Continue reading

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2014 Top 25 CFB Preseason Rankings

1. Florida State: The Seminoles welcome yet another docile schedule, despite the fact home match-ups versus Notre Dame and Florida may warrant upset alerts. They won the national championship last season, but lost several key contributors to the NFL Draft in the spring. Fortunately (and … Continue reading

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FOR6IVEN: Letter From a Born-Again Witness

It was just over four years ago when I’d lost my favorite NBA player. He hadn’t died, no; not in the literal. But in the figurative, he was dead to me. Never had I been more enamored by an athlete. Currently in my … Continue reading

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Men: Habitual Offenders.. or nah?

Men take a lot of shit off of women. Nagging and burdens being a couple of them. Yet we never seem to get credit for the latter. A man, a good one at least, should always (or maintain the ability to) … Continue reading

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Today’s NBA: National Buddies Alliance

As a basketball fan growing up in the early to mid-1990’s, there was nothing comparable to NBA on NBC Sunday afternoons. Crowding around a family room with parents, grandparents, uncles, and the aunt who just wanted to see the players “in … Continue reading

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Opinion: Dream – Don’t Deter, Don’t Defer

Over the last few years I have been fortunate enough to come in contact with some remarkable young minds. Although unfortunately, many of these individuals have collectively fallen victim to society, in the sense that they have given up on their … Continue reading

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