Press Play: FALL 2014

OutsideInArtStudio PaintingThere’s something about this time of year that I have always found endearing. It’s a peculiar fascination, really, as I’ve never been able to pinpoint exactly why the Fall season evokes such a passion within me. Maybe it’s the elements that mesh with the season, such as: celebrations and music. Though it is the latter that I find most noteworthy. Music has the ability to incorporate several elements into one, prompting every Fall playlist to tell a story.

“The Morning” x The Weeknd: With the decreasing temperatures come frosted windshields and bone-chilling gusts of wind deterring you from making that early Saturday coffee run. “The Morning” serves as an adequate substitute for you and your significant other, as this track is sure to raise the temperature in the room. There’s something about the first thirty-one seconds that makes you want every inch of your significant other. Be careful with this track… it may catch up with you nine months later.

“If You Ever Want To Be In Love” x James Bay: Whether a chance encounter on an October stroll through Central Park or visiting home for the holidays, this season has a habit of resurrecting people from your past into your present. It can be a blessing, or a curse. “If You Ever Want To Be In Love” is the autumn anthem for those individuals hoping that this Fall reunites them with the one that got away.

“Don’t” x Ed Sheeran: Not every emotion is warm and fuzzy this season. Sometimes the wind chill isn’t all that’s cold. Ed Sheeran’s latest hit is for the asexual individual immune to the “cuffing season” bullshit. This is a single for the “fool me once..” but you won’t fool me again crowd.

“I’m Not The Only One” x Sam Smith: Heartbreak is one of those “death and taxes” guarantees in life. Everyone will experience it. Unfortunately some more piercing than the rest. This track, however, is so artistically hypnotizing that it almost makes you want to experience heartbreak just for justification as to why you’ve played it 19 times in a row.

“Shot For Me” x Drake: I haven’t the slightest idea what it is about cold temperatures that warms up your ex(es) to the thought of you. Perhaps there’s something about pumpkin-infused drinks and vodka that inspires them to spam your inbox. If such is this case, cheers to them drinking themselves into oblivion in your honor.

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