Essentials: COAST™ Knit Caps

COAST knit capsEvery season I seek to find that “must-have” item. Hats, for me, have always served to be quintessential to my own personal style. And with the weather dipping into frigid temperatures, knit caps — specifically — seem to have my attention.

However, what I have always loved about the knitted cap is that they really seem to transcend seasons. One can, sort of, get away with slipping on a knit cap outside of the winter season without revolting against seasonal norms. And that’s why I’ve tabbed COAST™ knit caps as an essential December item.

Comprised entirely of acrylic fabric, the knits are featured in several colorways. They exude a rugged elegance, by blending both flare and simplicity, with the capability of appealing to both the Broad Street bully and the California dream girl.

They are available at the brand’s website.

About Sirelle Carter

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