Signed Sirelle: “9492”

“Why haven’t you been writing?”

If only you knew.

Mind was fragmented; thought my sentences would be too.

When it got rocky, we knew our time was due.

And now I gotta modify my love for you?

That ain’t cool — but what else could I do?

Acting like I don’t still love the silhouette of you.

Yeah, this is new.

Digital games of get-back.

I hurt you, so now: bet, take that.

We’re better than this.

Bet if we reminisced: we can recall, New York. LA. And even Dallas.

Tell me that ain’t bliss. And further wonder this:

Can that be beat? Do we need these receipts?

To all the places we eat, when your company’s the treat.

Swear this is therapy. Healing in spoken word:

Like when you said, “You’d love me even if I was covered in dirt.”

And yo, that’s why it hurt.

I mean I’m not trying to blurt,

but you still fall asleep, in my Bama shirt.

Now, the universe ain’t intend for us to be estranged.

But when we flip that CAPS LOCK on, that’s a climate change.

So what more can we do? Than take it day-by-day.

Look for silver linings in the shaded gray?

Nah, that’s cray.

Let’s keep things light. Could use a chill night.

You know I know pizza and pasta’s the way to your heart, right?

You know I know you laughin’ now, smile all bright.

Kinda like me, when ya nails all white.

A little wine and Law & Order to end your perfect kind of night.


Yeah, that’s on the way.

When I know you too well, that’s what you always say.

But I digress.

Hope this lightened the mood.

After all, I know your playlist

needed just another interlude.




About Sirelle Carter

"If you asked me what's on my mind, you probably won't believe it. Cause if life was one big pool --- I'd be on the deep end." -Bobby Ray
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