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The Power of Twitter via #Ferguson

If the only messages about #Ferguson your mind is still receiving is focused around “black kid, white cop,” then perhaps this is an issue you’re not quite ready to manage intellectually. Yes, #Ferguson started as a result of a white … Continue reading

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Signed Sirelle: AUGUST 2014 – “It’s Not Social Media, It’s You.”

Social media is both two things: ignorantly addicting and unimaginably mystifying. The former pertains to platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, while the latter relates to Facebook — which has become the preferred hub for the Candy Crush addict who finds Twitter … Continue reading

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Men: Habitual Offenders.. or nah?

Men take a lot of shit off of women. Nagging and burdens being a couple of them. Yet we never seem to get credit for the latter. A man, a good one at least, should always (or maintain the ability to) … Continue reading

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GQ Recap: August 2012

The Dark Knight Rises co-star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is tabbed as the August cover boy. In it’s monthly Manual: GQ Endorses ‘The Denim Shirt’, and tabs Pharrell Williams and Mark McNairy‘s menswear collab [Bee Line for Billionaire Boys Club] as “fashion’s first supergroup.” … Continue reading

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Sound Session: LOTUS

Up and coming rapper, Mahd, brings his talents to the mic with his latest track, Lotus; a cover of Hov & Ye’s, Otis. Over much of the last year, the Detroit native has generated quite a buzz on the hip-hop circuit. … Continue reading

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Viewer Alert: 2012 NBA Finals

This is history. (No wait, don’t stop reading!) I know it sounds cliché, overdone, and stale but it’s that simple. As a basketball fan — whether your team advanced or not — you have to crave a championship clash of … Continue reading

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Signed Sirelle: JUNE 2012

There was a time when watching the evening news was considered enjoyable. Was. For many it was a family affair. Perhaps after dinner, taking advantage of the rare quality time allotted during the week; however, such is no longer the case. … Continue reading

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