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*Sirelle Carter Online is a lifestyle blog created and operated by Arizona State University graduate Antoine Starks, who developed SCO in 2011. All editorial content is of 100 percent originality, and this site does not claim any of the photographs used as its own — unless noted. 


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  1. Jeff says:

    Good day to you. In reading your post/blog I must admit, this has awakened my inner writer/poet (as a seasoned man of color) because your words were heart felt. Truly I wish more of us (men, brotha’s for sure) would take the time and find what it is that we enjoy and appreciate about this thing called life. For me, the thought of starting a blog has been heavily on my mind in recent months, and after some deep deliberation and now reading your words, I am definitely appreciative of your insight. I would like to ask, given the opportunity to transition into a blogger, what would you recommend as a starting point, taking courses or should I look into a degreed program? Thank you and do continue your great work with informing us, the readers. Mature newbie to the social media world.

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