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Signed, Sirelle: “Thirty Trips Around The Sun”

Google Calculator tells me that this weekend will mark around 10,950 days in which Antoine Sirrelle Starks has been a thing. Which to me, it feels as if there has been that many days in 2019 alone. When it comes … Continue reading

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Signed Sirelle: JUNE 2012

There was a time when watching the evening news was considered enjoyable. Was. For many it was a family affair. Perhaps after dinner, taking advantage of the rare quality time allotted during the week; however, such is no longer the case. … Continue reading

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Heat Check: Detroit Red Wings

In most sports, the season-by-season philosophy for success entails staying healthy, and defending your home turf. No team in sports has done that this season quite like the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings. Winning their 21st consecutive home game at The … Continue reading

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Case of the Mondays 9.19.11

As you may have noticed, spontaneously I took last week off. It was just.. one of those. A dousy if you will. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another. The week, however, was capped off with a spur of … Continue reading

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