Whitney, Our Beloved

On this day in which we celebrate love, many hearts are still heavy and bear sorrow and grief over the death of Whitney Houston. Sudden in its nature, news of the icon’s tragic passing on the eve of Grammy night paralyzed the music world.

Splashing onto the scene in 1985, Houston reigned as entertainment royalty for nearly three decades. Spanning back to her debut album, Whitney Houston, she captivated audiences around the globe with that mesmerizing smile coupled with angelic vocals.

With all-time classics like “I Have Nothing” and “The Greatest Love of All”, Houston had a voice that specialized in raising limb hair on command. With looks that could kill, it was her stunning beauty and majestic voice that transformed Houston into a pop music sensation in the 1980s. It would be her timeless charm that captivated many admirers up until her death.

Houston broke through remaining color barriers and transcended genre lines with smash hits like “You Give Good Love” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” — a song still spun by disc jockeys decades later. And no matter what region of the World you’re in, every fan has their personal favorite by the late superstar. However, across the globe it is “I Will Always Love You” that is regarded as Houston’s signature song.

As fans and admirers of Whitney Houston, her presence and existence was a blessing to us all. Her voice was one truly sent from above; a gem like we’ll never hear again. As authentic as they came, she will be deeply missed by millions of devoted followers. Leaving behind her mother and only daughter, Bobbi Kristina, Houston was 48.

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