The Buzz: Why LeBron Doesn’t Get A Pass

He picked — he rolled — and with just under 40 seconds remaining, LeBron James squared up and knocked down a 3-pointer. Just like that, after trailing the Boston Celtics for much of the game, it was tied.

Surely the greatest player in the world would capitalize on the momentum and lead his team to a comeback victory, right?


Regulation ended in a tie, and the game went to overtime. This was it this time, he was going to do it. The greatest player in the world was going to go off — wrong again.

Possessing five personal fouls, James got into a battle for position with Celtics forward Mickaël Piétrus — falling to the ground — and was called for the offensive foul. He was done. The Chosen One had fouled out for the first time since 2008.

The Miami Heat went on to lose in overtime, after Dwyane Wade missed a 3-pointer; on what seemed to be a pretty decent look at the basket. Almost immediately, the LeBron contingent roared in full force across social medias.

Why isn’t anyone berating Wade? Blah blah this, more blah that.

At this juncture, I don’t know what’s more sad. The continued failure of the greatest player in the world, or the support he receives throughout it. It’s the blind leading the mentally paralyzed.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying be a fairweather witness, but [to tap into my Detroit roots] “y’all be over-doing it.”

The way an overwhelming majority brags about James, you would think he’s won the NBA Finals each year he’s been in the league. But he hasn’t. He’s lost, twice.

Where James supporters fail [in understanding; following suit of their beloved King] is that he gets criticized so extensively because he is glorified so extensively. No other athlete, today, is adorned to the maximal extent as he, and that is why no other athlete gets ridiculed such as James.

It isn’t rocket science.

How many more times can LeBron James continue to win Employee of the Month, yet fail to win Employee of the Year?

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