Men: Habitual Offenders.. or nah?

Men take a lot of shit off of women. Nagging and burdens being a couple of them. Yet we never seem to get credit for the latter. A man, a good one at least, should always (or maintain the ability to) lift the burdens from his woman. And I believe that most women would admit that their man indeed does. So why are we always the bad guy? Especially on social media.

Just this morning I woke up (see: opened Twitter), and before I could even register if the sun was shining, the male species was taking a timeline beating. Today’s virtual lesson, according to women? Men, and their disingenuous compliments, and how women “can do without them.” Initially, my eyes rolled into the back of my head like The Undertaker. But then I thought, just hear them out.

Why did I even bother?

barking dog

The gist of it was that most men use compliments solely as a gateway to something more (with something more representing sexual aspirations). Now, I won’t even begin to state that such an assumption isn’t valid to some inkling of a degree; but to classify a majority of men, that’s asinine.

Believe it or not, there are men out there capable of unconditionally complimenting a woman in a respectable manner. Myself being one of them. I happen to love women in dark denim jeans and brown knee-length leather boots. Having said that, when I compliment that look verbally, it does not mean I want you to have my offspring.

So fast-forward to the afternoon and I’d found myself back on Twitter. There was more dialogue, this time amongst the guys, discussing some women’s inability to just let a good thing be good. You see, women often have this tendency of manufacturing problems in a relationship where they are not needed. Although I am speaking from my own personal experience, I know for a fact that men, everywhere, experience this. It is as if the relationship can almost be going too smooth for a woman, that she cannot bring herself to accept that things are genuinely alright. Therefore, she succumbs to the whole “too good to be true” notion, and literally makes something out of nothing.

An example provided within that Twitter discussion was that women tend to vent to their single friends about certain aspects of their relationship, and are usually negatively influenced. This creates even more unnecessary tension within the relationship. It is nearly impossible for a relationship to survive if the woman is surrounded by single girl friends. And that’s just in reference to her friends, as it gets worse when the woman involves her mother. I experienced this firsthand.

fighting couple

The couple has one disagreement, and the first thing the woman does is run to her mother to vent. As the guy, all you suggested was that “Maybe you shouldn’t be twerking on strangers for free drinks in the club,” and suddenly she’s running to her mother claiming, “He’s trying to control me!” How did we get here?

This all goes back to the Twitter brouhaha about compliments from men, and the basis of the idea that it is built upon. That women stubbornly believe that all men have an insincere hidden agenda. But what about hidden agenda of women, if I may flip the tables here. What about the women that warm a man into a conversation, just to ice him out of it? I’d certainly like to be the emoji in a group chat to see what really transpired before the woman tweeted a calculated screenshot of it, and labeled the poor guy ‘thirsty’. These things happen.

Let a good thing be good, ladies. All lies aside, we men really don’t know why that random she is always favoriting our tweets, and that shouldn’t be a threat anyway. Be that as it may, I’m not claiming that all men are angelic, as there are some special cases out there; but to distrust most men is unjust. So who are the real offenders here?

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"The words you speak become the house you live in."
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