Press Play: SUMMER 2015

Heli Luukkanen Sumemr GirlThree summers ago, I labeled the relationship between music and summer as being mythical, a cohesion of some sort. Fast-forward to the present, and my subscription to that belief is even stronger. I don’t find it a stretch to deem music as an essential component of our every day lives. For many, it’s our therapy, it keeps us sane. Although for whatever reason — that I have yet to be able to determine — I find this especially relevant during the summer. It’s the collective relativity, perhaps, that each individual track contributes to that we — the enthusiasts — identify with. And over the course of several scorching weeks, through our adventures and experiences, a seasonal soundtrack is created.

These are a few of the tracks that SCO will have on its summer playlist:

“I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” Jamie xx featuring Young Thug & Popcaan: Featured on the debut album of Britain’s Jamie xx — yet to be released — this track foreshadows the quintessential summer. This is an instant feel-good record, that sparks energy throughout you from the opening a cappella sample. Speak it into existence. With this record on your playlist, it’ll be nearly impossible not to subscribe to its’ title.

“Bitch Better Have My Money” Rihanna: For all the plans you have going into the summer, let’s face it, it will be nearly impossible to carry any of them out if that direct deposit doesn’t go through. So here’s a bi-weekly (or monthly) warning to all of our employers: BBHMM!

“National Anthem” Lana Del Rey: As we observe the 229th birthday of our nation, it’s practically our civic duty to celebrate America via song. Furthermore, this record — off Del Rey’s 2012 album Born To Die — is a harmony of eroticism and patriotism, so you can salute more than just the flag when you hear it.

“King Kunta” Kendrick Lamar: On the subject of patriotism, the concept becomes a challenging one in the absence of unity. Our nation has faced some critical events over the last several months — and summers — and this record by Kendrick Lamar serves as a symbolic reaction to those events. High temperatures have unfortunately resulted in high tensions, though on the contrary, one can only hope that this anthem leads to a period of cooling off.

“California Roll” Snoop Dogg featuring Stevie Wonder and Pharrell Williams: Not to rain on your sunshine, but if your summer doesn’t include California, is it even a summer? Okay, that may have been a bit rude but nonetheless, this track is tailored made for a California cookout.

“Bad Blood” Taylor Swift: Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but someone’s going to make mistakes this summer — and there may be no coming back from some of them. This track serves as a reminder that temporary acts of thoughtless spontaneity are permanently unforgivable.

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