Case of the Mondays 8.29.11

I don’t even know where to begin, in all honesty. I can barely recall everything from last night, let alone the entire weekend. Society has been busy. From the mountaintop of Hollywood, to the cornfields of Nebraska, it’s been an intriguing couple of days.

My morning started at Target as I dropped in to pick up Tha Carter IV (whether or not that was my mistake is still pending). After being crucified by the social media universe for his zebra-like “jeggings” at last nights’ VMAs, and the current Twitter trending topic #ThingsBetterThanTheCarterIV, I reckoned I’d give Lil Wayne one last chance nonetheless.

There was also that little announcement you might’ve heard, of some rapper and his superstar wife expecting their first child, congrats to them!

Additionally, I was forced to delay this post even more as it was announced that CNN’s Nancy Grace would be apart of the next Dancing With The Stars cast. Though I’m having a more perplexing time envisioning that, than I am imagining say Glenn Beck drinking grape Kool-Aid on a corner in Watts.

All jokes aside, dismissing album releases and VMAs, today is a monumental day in the entertainment industry. And in recognizing it, I would like to wish the late Michael Jackson Happy Birthday. The legend would have been 53. RIP

Song Of The Day: Michael Jackson “Dirty Diana

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